Having conversations with MLO

So MLO has gathered up a good collection of single words now.

It is funny to have an actual conversation with her because she uses her baby talk and then throws in a regular word here and there.

Last night she was sitting on the couch and pointing at the shelf where the movies are (and on a lower shelf, some of her books with regular paper pages).

We were talking and she would "gubby, gabby, tis, tis, book" and I would smile and say "yeah".

Then she would "buppp hafff gesss" for a little while and then "itttt toes" and I would try really hard not to laugh and just say "ok". She would point to her toes and then look for mine (which I was sitting on, so I swung a foot out).

Then she kept going "arrrr geeee theeeee gubby nose" and just kept going.

I was giggling about ten minutes into it and she, loving to make people laugh, had a huge smile on her face and just kept going.

I think our conversation lasted about twenty minutes and boy was it one of the best I have had.

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kat said...

my best friends little sister does that whole matching thing too... you have something she has the same... it's so cute when they are recognizing things like you both have toes or whatever. too cute!