Xmas parties

That last post was way to depressing, so I thought I would talk about something happier.

This was my busiest Xmas weekend so far. I went to three Christmas parties (all with the little one coming along) and two dinners out with friends. Ate a lot of food and got a log of hugs.

Of course, my little one (MLO) stole the show every time. People loved her and playing with her and talking to her. I must say, she has really come out of her shell. She will go up to just about anyone if they have something interesting on.

At one of the parties there was another little girl (a few years older than mine) who had a very sparkly blue headband. MLO walked right up to her and touched the headband (the girl had sat on the floor) and made a cute oh sound. The other little girl was surprised but then smiled and my goodness what good friends they became.

Then at one of the dinners with friends, their youngest daughter (about 13) who up until now has showed very little interest in MLO suddenly started playing with her. I didn't have to worry about MLO at all the rest of the night as they were always together. MLO got to play with a guitar and have a great time.

It is nice to see her growing and playing with others. Though I admit a small part of me misses her constant need for my attention (well, sometimes).


deejinator said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Isn't it fun, and a little sad to see the kids grow up.

Romie said...

You hit it Deej - proud but a little sad