Tantrums are here

My little one (MLO) has gotten the idea if she cries load enough she will get whatever it is that we aren't giving her.

Yesterday she wanted to play with the scissors I was using to open a package. When I put them away, boy did I hear it.

My husband and I are trying the method of just not giving in. Letting her cry it out. We explain to her first why we aren't giving it to her, and if she insists on continuing to cry, we just ignore it.

Sometimes we distract her with something else but I want to teach her quickly that this isn't how to get things.

It is really painful, I love MLO's smiles and laugh and hate her tears (which she knows full well).

I guess I just have to stand fast and make the point - just wish we didn't have to even go this route :(


deejinator said...

Oh, lucky you. Our 31/2 year old still hasn't learned the lesson. The fun ones are in the store.


Romie said...

Thanks, can't wait -joke-