Ritalin use

Okay, so, with a small child who will one day go to schoool, I am starting to have concerns about prescription drugs and how easily people turn to them.

I am of the mind that there are other things happening with someone that can be addressed, before you go to drugs. Nutrition, tutoring, exercise even getting enough love.

I recently came across some books which I agreed with (for the most part - can't say I would swear by every line) and think other people should read, if the need should arise.

They are:
* The Ritalin Fact Book, what your doctor won’t tell you about ADHD and stimulant drugs by Peter Breggin, MD
* No More ADHD by Dr. Mary Ann Block
* THE ADHD FRAUD, How Psychiatry Makes "Patients" of Normal Children by Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Fred Baughman
* The Side Effects of Common Psychiatric Drugs compiled by Citizens Commission on Human Rights


don said...

I agree - there are other options to try before drugging your children. Like, about 1,000,000 options :)

According to this Ritalin research, Ritalin is a commonly abused drug - the kind of drug I would never feed my child.

Ritalin Prescription Medication said...

My name is Nikki Hughes and i would like to show you my personal experience with Ritalin.

I am 51 years old. Have been on Ritalin for 9 years now. I began taking it for depression after my marriage ended, and also in a misguided attempt to lose weight! I lost about 15 pounds at the beginning, had tons of energy, felt great...but the weight loss stopped within a few months.. I currently feel focused and motivated after I take it and am able to get a lot done. As well as the generic ritalin, I take 6 - 12 Tylenol 1 tablets a day. I know how bad this is, but can't seem to stop for more than a few days. The last nine years seem to be a blur...it's like I have lost those years....I hardly remember anything about them. I find this sad and frightening. I take what my doctor prescribed: three 10mg. tablets a day. I have tried many times to completely get off this drug but I now realize that I am truly addicted to it. If I stop taking it for more than one day I become extremely depressed and have very negative, hopeless thoughts and ideas.

I have experienced some of these side effects-
very irritable when it wears off; sometimes difficult to fall asleep, memory loss, hear music in my head that won't stop.

I hope this information will be useful to others,
Nikki Hughes