Standing on presents

MLO (my little one) likes to stand on the boxes of gifts under the tree. Not sure exactly where this came from, but she pulls a box out from under the tree and stands on it.

She looks at me in a funny way whenever she manages to get one of the boxes that isn't strong enough to hold her. While trying to get her weight on the box she looks at me like "why is it moving lower?"

I can't help but laugh and then ask her how she got that box out from behind all the other presents.

You see, I noticed this a few days ago and tried re-ordered the presents so that all the ones that could hold her wait, were in front.

Well, she is smarter than that, and knows when I am trying to hide something from her.

So she shuffled through all the boxes (and stood on each one) and got to those ones I hide. Promptly trying to convince the box it was supposed to hold her weight.

So, all presents that can't hold the 25 pounds of MLO are now no longer under the tree. They are on shelves or things like that.

Oh well, ain't it grand :)

1 comment:

deejinator said...

Just wait till she learns where you hide them, and then how to get them.