My nanny called in sick today. Means I spent most of the time with my little one which was actually very fun.

I work from home, so was able to work while she napped. Otherwise we just had a great time, I love listening to her laugh.

While she is still working on the talking thing (we got da, ma, up, down, no, yes, ki for kitty) she communicates very well. She may be saying baby talk, but I get it and get it crystal clear.

We were watching cartoons on TV and I didn't notice when they had stopped, but she did. She let me know and made sure that I found something for her to watch (I put on our Lady and the Tramp DVD). Though she doesn't watch it that much, she likes having it on the background so when she needs her five minute break (from playing) there is something to look at.

Her favorite cartoons/shows seem to be "It's a big, big world", the "Backyardigans" and (God help me) "Barney". I remember making fun of Barney and can't believe that I know sit and watch it with her - and sing along even.

Oh well, one of those things that change when you have your own kid. You definitely see the world through a whole new set of eyes.

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deejinator said...

Isn't it funny how they can be completely engrossed in something else, but the minute you change the channel or a commercial comes on they get a little cranky?

La Nina's favorites are the Noggin shows.