Sad weekend

It has been a few days since I said anything.

I had a shocker thrown at my Saturday morning. I got an email from a friend that I have known since we were both about 2 years old.

Her husband died in a car crash on Tuesday, he was 27-years-old.

After I got the news, I just hugged my husband and didn't let go. I told him what was happening and he just hugged me back. I also held MLO for awhile.

We went to the memorial service Sunday and I haven't cried so much in a long time.

I am still in shock and guess moving even slower (as if the holidays weren't already slowing me down).

Will try to think of something happier to post about...


deejinator said...


Please accept my condolences for you loss. That is a tragic thing to have happen.


Romie said...

Thanks, many hugs have gone around. Makes you remember what you have.

kat said...

I'm sorry for such sadness. When you hear of such things you just need to hold the person you love and tell them you love them always, right? It's more important than anything else in the world.