I am still alive

My house is covered in toys though. The Godparents got MLO (my little one) more toys than mommy and daddy did!

I am now looking into a very large toy box so I can throw everything in there when I want to have people over. I am also going to go through all her toys and make a good size donation to charity. There are so many toys that she doesn't play with often, or won't miss if she doesn't see them.

Finally, my husband and I are going to try and get some time to ourselves too. Felt like we were being the driver and pack-mule all weekend. It was all about MLO and when she arrived everyone wanted to hold her, play with her, and shower her with presents.

MLO is of course loving it and running from one new toy to the next.

She got two large stuffed animals (from different people). Both of which are twice the size she is.

It is really funny to see her try to drag one of them around. She usually gets frustrated and someone has to help her. I was chasing her around the house with one of them yesterday and boy did the laughter ring through the house.

About two thirds of the presents make some obnoxious noise.

We have Curious George who you can tickle (you push a little sensor) and he laughs and wiggles. Driving home from the party she got that from was way to funny. Every bump on the road made the thing laugh. As I watched my husband's face get redder and redder I started busting a gut.

So both Curious George and I were laughing all the way home. I would have liked to have seen that from the outside :)

Well, hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Enjoy the New Year celebrations and make 2007 the best year yet!!!

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