Presents and Family (many of both)

Okay, all the presents are wrapped.

Grandpa's, grandmas', great grandma's, siblings', cousins' and all those ridicules friends.

I realize (all over again) that hubby has a small family - no siblings, dad no longer around, and his parents only had one sibling between them whom we never see. Compared to my larger one - I have three siblings, both parents still around, my mom's mom still around and my parents have 5 siblings between the two of them and all siblings are married with at least one kid. He likes being with my large family, thinks it is kinda cool (though some of them grate your nerves after a few hours with them).

On top of that, his are Jewish and so we do the whole Hanukkah thing with them and then Christmas with my family.

So this time of year is fun aroud my place :)

Then of course, the presents for MLO (my little one). I started looking at the final presents for MLO and tried to see them through her eyes.

You know what I saw - boxes!!!

As said earlier, MLO currently likes to stand on the presents. Also, if her birthday is any indication, she is going to have much more fun with the packaging than the actual toy. The only reason she ever moves to the toy as her source of entertainment is because we, the parents, will force her too.

We will eventually throw away the boxes and packing material and all she will have left are the toys. So she has to play with them.

I think to myself, why didn't I just get her a bunch of boxes and packing material for Xmas. Would have been cheaper.

Anyway - happy holidays!!


deejinator said...

I think that every year. Boxes and paper are cheaper. Unfortunatly, they do not last as long.


kat said...

Kids are so funny like that. I just babysat the other day and the little darling I watched came with a backpack full of toys and such. We ended up playing with a broken flashlight and a tin can that he found in my junk drawer for the better part of an hour.

It's so funny!

Romie said...
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Romie said...

Oops - didn't mean to delete my own post, tired from the holidays...

Deej - Good point :)

Kat - Exactly!!