What happens when your daughter's stomach doesn't like something

Yes you guessed it, I had an adventure recently with the V word (vomit). Skip this if you have a weak stomach :)

MLO seemed totally fine, we went to a friend's birthday party. MLO ate the hot dogs they cooked for dinner, she played with other kids and got to meet a 5 week old baby.

We get home, she gets a bath, PJs are put on and we crawl into bed.

I read her our designated one book and then we cuddle up to fall asleep.

Suddenly MLO starts coughing, really hard. She just keeps coughing and I hear a sound like vomitting but when I look at MLO she seems to have swallowed it back up (first mommy gag of the night).

More coughing and she sits up crying. I scoop her into my arms and lounge for the bathroom, just in time to keep her room and sheets relatively clean, but guess were it all landed.

ALL OVER ME (more gagging).

Hubby got called and he got to clean up the floor and handle the clothes while MLO and I jumped into the bathtub.

We got all cleaned up (and MLO loves the bath so had a hard time getting her back out). Went into her room and there were a few drops on the sheets, so they got cleaned up (even the idea of sleeping on them causing more gags).

New PJs get put on. I was a little worried that with all the excitement MLO would be impossible to get back to sleep, but she was out like a light in record time.

When I got back to the bathroom, more gagging as I cleaned up the spots hubby missed.

More joys of motherhood!

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kat said...

Oh my!!!

I guess I am sort of a real mommy, too. I give my boys big hugs and pick up their..um..previously chewed food, too.

Sorry MLO was feeling sick. Hope she is on the mend!