Thanksgiving at my house

This year (since we just bought our house and it is big and beautiful) my family decided Thanksgiving was going to be at my house.

This is the first year I have hosted it and was a little worried.

I can say I managed to only ruin the gravy - everything else went well. Luckily my mom came and bailed me out on the gravy and the meal itself went pretty good (with plenty of compliments which are always given).

MLO was in heaven because she had a house full of her family (favorite people) and got to sit on everyone's lap and give and receive hugs.

Today is time to clean the house (though I just cleaned it right before too, ugh) and start seriously thinking about Christmas. I have some presents, but now is the time to make the list and check it twice.

Plus we got to find all the Christmas decorations which are probably scattered to the four winds since we moved and I wasn't in charge of the unloading of that part :)

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kat said...

I have always been to afraid to host a holiday at my house, especially one like Thanksgiving. I'd be so afraid to manage it all. It sounds like you had a nice time.