A quiet day

Well I thought it would be. MLO would go to daycare, grandma would pick her up and take her to grandma's house for a bit.

I would get to finish off work leisurely and eat some dinner without trying to constantly stop MLO from wiping her hands on her shirt and so on.

Well, work was crazy with papers flying and folders being scattered. I had so many reports to suddenly get done that I couldn't remember my name.

Then hubby had a consulting job he had to go to around 3pm and wouldn't be back until after I was asleep. I think to myself, well I get more quiet time.

Instead he reminds me that he is almost out of clean underwear and the dishes (which did get done yesterday finally) are already starting to pile up again. Plus we have no food and so on.

I think I am going to rebel anyway and watch some of my DVRed shows.

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Kailani said...

I think you need a dishwasher. hee hee!

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