"I do it"

MLO's favorite phrase.

Getting into the car seat before we go anywhere. I can't pick her up and do it, she must climb up herself and sit down. Of course, there are the times when mommy is in a hurry and MLO gets picked up when she is going too slow. Doesn't like that.

Getting out of the car seat once we have arrived. Run into the same problem as the previous one.

Getting food out of the fridge. There is the problem that she isn't quite strong enough to open the door so she always needs a little help.

Washing her hands/feet/face. Must climb up to the sink herself, turn on the water and get the soap. Mommy shows up with a wet rag every now and then which isn't always appreciated.

Eat her food. Nice one, except when said food ends up everywhere except her mouth.

Clean up her mess (bonus!). Like this one when it appears, though mommy has to come back after and actually clean it, but the thought is nice.

There are more, but my brain decided to stop here :)

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