Off and On

MLO is working on the difference between off and on.

She walked into the dinning room last night and yelled across the house "mommy, turn lights off."

I looked and the lights were already off.

"You mean turn them on, right?"

She looks at me for a second, "yes". Which also, unfortunately, means I didn't understand the question so I just answer yes.

I walk into the dinning room, "the light is off now." She smiles and nods, "and you want mommy to turn it on?" another nod.

"Okay, mommy is turning it on," and I flip the switch with the immediate result of her running out of the room.

Shortly after, "take socks on," my socks are on.

"You mean off?"


We will get there...

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kailani said...

That is funny! At least she knows the words on and off. She'll get the meaning soon!