Another moment to remember

Hubby has been home in the evening much more than previously. Which means, we all get to play together.

MLO's favorite game is to have me sit at one end of the couch and hubby at the other, then she runs/falls/jumps between us. Both hubby and I keep legs and arms ready to catch her if she gets too close to the edge.

We were playing this game last night and the house was filled with laughter.

MLO was having so much fun, even when taking a break (just standing in the middle of the couch) she would just look at one of us and we would all start laughing. This became a game in of itself, with us just glancing at the other and laughter would start.

My tommy hasn't hurt this much from laughter in a long time.

BTW: no sign of any stomach upset or anything, she is totally fine

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kailani said...

It's these simple times that you'll always remember!