Lions for Lambs Review

Hubby and I went and saw a movie over the weekend, first time we went to the movies in a long time. Have to say, hard to pick a movie when you are in a funky mood, but we picked Lions for Lambs.

I have seen some reviews for it that said it wasn't an action movie and this was bad.

Just wanted to add my two cents on this. They are right, not an action movie - don't pick it if you want to see an action movie. It is a make you think movie. While many of the items they bring up, have been brought up before there were a few things that I really liked.

In the Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep discussions, one thing that really rang true for me was how the press really helped sell the war. They have some fault in this bad choice, just like all the politicians. We trust the press to dig for truths and find out what is really going on, not speak as they are told to speak.

Another good point brought up with Robert Redford and the unknown actor (had to look up his name, it is Andrew Garfield) was that you can't just talk the talk of how politicians are all bad and lie and cheat, someone needs to actually go replace them. All our talk doesn't really do it, we need action and we need to support that action.

There was some "action" with a few soldiers fighting our infamous war, but was mostly about their decisions, not their actions.

Well acted movie, technically very well made, so the point that this isn't an action movie is true, but not something that makes it bad, I really liked it.

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kailani said...

We were thinking of seeing this movie but will probably pass now that I've read your review. I'm sure there are better ones out there. Thanks!