Birthday parties

Now that MLO is making friends and such we are getting invited to more and more birthday parties. Overall a good thing, but they are really tiring.

MLO likes them but if there is a strange kid there (which there always is) she doesn't want me to leave her side.

We just got back from one for a little boy who turned 2. They had one of those blow up pools set up in the backyard and if no one else was in it, MLO loved it.

As soon as another kid showed up to play (younger or older) I had to be near her and she would rather splash in the puddles around the pool than go back in.

The only break I really got was when they put on "Finding Nemo". The little boy just got it for his birthday (had never seen it) and all the little kids were mesmerized.

Her birthday (which is coming up soon) will be interesting.


kat said...

HAHAH! Without reading further, after I saw the words "Finding Nemo" I started smiling.

Does this make me an official fan of the MLO Blog?

kailani said...

It's probably just a phase. My daughter used to be like that, too. Now I have to stop her from taking over the party! LOL!