Clothes (shorts this time)

So it had become time to buy MLO some new shorts. She really only has about three workable pairs and unless I want to be a slave to my washer/dryer, she needs more.

Being that she will out grow these in only a few short months I rarely grace any of those high end baby/toddler clothing stores.

We hit Ross and bought two pairs of shorts (and a really cute jean dress) and we went to a cute little place called "Once Upon a Child".

"Once Upon a Child" is one of those trade in your outgrown items for bigger clothes or better toys, type place. I once brought a huge bag of clothes and they only wanted a few things, so I pretty much just shop there and keep the outgrown stuff for the next kid or to give to friends who have babies.

While there, I bought her another two pairs of shorts and a very cute red skirt.

So this brings us to seven pairs of shorts. Some weeks this means I only have to do laundry once (my preferred method). However other times this still means more than one load a week (along with those occurrences of more than one bath a day).

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