Great Grandma is in town

MLO's Great Grandma came to visit over the weekend. Yesterday she took over watching MLO (with gramma there as well) and they played all afternoon. We then had a nice dinner at our new house and got to chat.

As you might have guessed Great Grandma is no old granny. She is traveling to Peru in a few months to do some tours there and then is going to the east coast, Maryland area to visit her younger sister. While she is 80 years old, she is very active.

So MLO and her had a great time and I and hubby got an "errand date". We got to go out and do errands (and not have to worry about the time I had to get back) together. Errands mostly ended up consisting of household items needed and not as much work stuff, but it was all good.

Then I came home and made us all some Chinese food (orange chicken, vegi rice and egg rolls - all from Trader Joe's and pretty easy to make).

Great Grandma loved our new house, thought MLO was a total angel and very bright and responsive. We think so too :)

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