Where did that week go?

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I hate those weeks that just run away from you. You don't get anything done, all your plans go to h**l and so forth.

My week:

MLO got sick last Wednesday, had a temperature, cough and I suspect a headache and itchy throat. She was restless and just wanted to sleep on my lap. So I spent the whole day with her, giving her vitamins and letting her sleep whenever and however she wanted.

Thursday she seemed better so I took her to the daycare.

Friday her nose was running away from her face and she was coughing again. I kept her home and we hung out.

Saturday she seemed all better and we went and saw friends, went to parties and such.

Sunday her nose started running again.

Monday she is almost better but I didn't want to risk getting the other kids sick so she stays home one more day. However I start to get a yucky throat, cough and headache.

Tuesday she is fine, hubby takes her to daycare because I am sick as a dog.

Wednesday hubby takes MLO to daycare again, I am feeling better but as I get dizzy spells I didn't think driving was a good idea.

Today my ears and nose are plugged, still coughing but otherwise better. MLO is at daycare and gramma is going to pick her up and hang with her (so I can get that last bit of extra rest I need).

What a week - phew....

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