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Hi, I am back. Sorry, the holidays and work just ran me over.

MLO is doing great, absorbing information at an astonishing rate. She really has learned so much and just keeps going. We get a lot of surprise sentences now and she can communicate in words exactly what she wants.

We have gotten to the point where I have to LET her tell me something. She has to tell me what she wants for breakfast, she has to pick out her own clothes (still working on getting them on, but that is moving right along).

Of course, there are the times she doesn't want anything that happens to be in the house. This morning it went:

"Are you hungry?"

"Hi" (her Japanese word for yes - not sure where that came from).

"What do you want?"






"Chicken?" (Left overs from the previous night which she had devoured at the time).


"Juice?" "Apple?" "Grapes?" "Any fruit?" "Bagel?" "Cheese?" "Jerky?" (can you detect the desperation?)

All with "No" as the response.

"What then?"



Note: She ended up eating my cereal once I had poured some for myself. The other trick that always work - wanting whatever mommy is having.

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