We successfully donated toys

My car was packed full of bags and boxes of toys and clothes (some of my clothes too). Some items I saw in the garage and knew I would never need. A few things that I passed in the house and realized I didn't have any good reason to keep and so on.

We then drove to goodwill and gave it all to them. They were very happy and graciously took everything (though I don't know if they will actually want all of it).

I feel a little proud in that this is the first time I have dropped off an entire car load (and this is an SUV we are talking about - something else I have considered changing for environmental reason, though I love the car) to charity.

MLO hasn't missed anything as she still has more toys around than she could possibly play with. I did hide a few more toys thinking that we can either "discover" them later or maybe they will end up in the next car load.

Another good indicator, I haven't missed anything I sent away yet either.


kailani said...

Woo Hoo! I did the same thing! I was able to get rid of 10 large garbage bags full of forgotten toys. Their rooms look so much neater . . . at least until Christmas morning comes! LOL!

An Island Life

kat said...

Finally my first day in a week to visit blogs! I love the entry about MLO and the presents under the tree.

I have a spare bedroom in which I keep all our unused things. Clothes, board games, etc. My husband suggested ebay or a yard sale and we were actually going to have a yard sale in March but after reading this entry I think I am going to bring everything to Goodwill. I'd rather give it to someone who needs it.