Christmas lights

MLO loves the Christmas lights, she wants to go out walking every night to see them.

A neighbor of grandma's has a HUGE display with airplanes, trains, Santa sleigh, deer, and so much more. MLO loves going out and seeing that one whenever we are at her house. She is very respectful of other people's lawns though and we just had to tell her once that we couldn't go touch them she was fine with pointing them out over and over again.

I put up my decorations last weekend and she has to go touch all of them when we come home. I have two light up Christmas trees and about ten red candy canes along our walk way that she love to run up and down hitting each one.

Her favorite is the snowman who she says has stars in his belly (the way the lights shine through the plastic when you are close to it looks like stars). It is the last one she visits and she can sit by the snowman forever. I eventually have to trick her into coming into the house.

My husbands family is Jewish so we are also doing Hanukkah stuff, my family does Christmas, so our house is an interesting mixture of both traditions.

I love Christmas, mostly because of how it changes so many people into much more kind and loving beings. I love the smiles and the warmth the season brings and how much people give and treat each other with respect.

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