Presents under the tree

Last year every single present under the tree was pulled out by MLO and she stood on them (as soon as I figured this out, had to pull out some that this wouldn't work with).

So I was a little worried what she was going to do this year with them.

We wrapped a bunch of presents (none for MLO, those are still hiding) and put them under the tree while she wasn't home.

She came home and saw them and yelled, "presents!" Grabbed the closest one, took it to our coffee table and tried to open it. I had to take it away and explain that the present wasn't for her, she would get hers later.

The next day she saw the presents, went running over and I was prepared to wrestle them away. She stopped, touched one of the presents, looked at me and said:


I nodded.

"Not for me?"

I nodded. She nodded back, smiled and walked around the tree looking at all of them.

Though the same drill is repeated occasionally, all presents are now safely sitting under the tree.

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