The New Year and Snow

Happy New Year, we started out the year with MLO's first visit to the snow.

My daughter only likes to wear dresses so I had to convince her to put on jeans, a long sleeve shirt and her new boots.

We drove up to the snow and when she got out of the car her teeth started chattering. I gave her coat to her and she gave it right back to me. She said she wasn't cold, with her teeth actually chattering.

I told her we could only go out on the snow if she put it on, so she agreed.

We went walking on the snow and she was giggling, laughing, falling and having a great time.

She finally wanted to actually do something with the snow so I then had to convince her to put on her gloves. After she tried to do it with her bare hands she discovered how cold that really was and quickly asked for the gloves.

So it only took about half an hour to convince her to get fully dressed for the snow.

After that we had a great time. We wondered around the snow and forest. We built a snow man and a reindeer (the reindeer didn't come out so well, but she thought it was "cool").

The only reason I got her to agree to leave finally was because she had to go pee. However we have already made plans to go back on Sunday, should be great!

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